The Good and The Worse Effect to Children That Playing Games Too Much

Recently playing games at personal computer (PC) become very popular than before.Many people were addicted to playing games,especially kids.They prefer staying at home,spent their time to play game than go outside to have outdoor activity with their friends.Actually,it brings good effect but in other hand,it also brings worse effect.

In good portion,playing games bring good effect such as to advance our kids mind and develop their imagination. PC games serve our kids many characters with various shapes,colors,and movement which it can develop our kids imagination, some games and most of them are in kind of strategical game, so our kids can practice their brain in strategical arrangement and how the way to think logically.

nevertheless,sometime we-as a parents- didn't have much time to control our kids activities,so their often playing games in superfluous portion.Like people say that 'something in superfluous isn't good' and it has.Just staying at home with PC will make them have problem in communicating ability and their mental advances because game in PC could played byself or maximum by two people which mean that they less contact with their friends. It makes them being individual, less confident and tolerance even lost sensitivity to people arround them which not good for their mental advances.

Then,ofcourse we didn't want even dream our children to behaving like that.We've know for sure that they grow normally with no problem in communicating and mental advances, since if they have problem with it,they will becoming not "human".Therefore,we will regret it for whole life.Now its up to us to manage ourself so we have much time with our child,accompany them when they playing games and control their activity including how many hours they permitted to playing games.Beside,if we have a holiday try to get them to the beach,forest,mountain or summer camp so they will forget their PC and do more even enjoy outdoor activity.
2 Responses
  1. after i read your essay i think your essay is ...

  2. Nia, I confused when I was reading your essay. It's not about the content of your writing..
    Please correct the punctuations of your essay (such as the apostrophes and give the space after full stop in the end of sentence).
    Honestly, this make me uncomfort when I was reading your essay.

    Nia, you used the word 'good' in the title of your essay. But why don't you use the word 'bad' to show the opposite of the word 'good'?
    I think, if you want to use the word 'worse', it'll be better if you use the word 'better' to show the opposite one..
    But basicly, your writing's good..
    Wish my comment can make your essay will be better:)

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